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Stylishly designed and developed by Aqua Penta Protector System, the Aqua Penta  home water purifier / Filter  uses advanced water purification technology. This range of water purifiers, including RO, UV, UF, and Alkaline options, ensures that the water you drink is safe and healthy.
Our water purifiers come with various placement options:
Wall Mount
Under the Counter
Choose the best water purifier for your home and kitchen according to your needs.

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Find the right Water Purifier for home

Our diverse range of products is exclusively designed to meet you and your family’s needs. Browse through these options and choose a water purifier for your home today.

Best Water Purifier/Filter for Home

Why Choose Aqua Penta Water Purifier/Water Filter for home

Aqua Penta Filter Services Assurance

Assurance of quality water

We use the filters for purifying the water as per the standard of health and safety guidelines to offer improved quality of the drinking water.

Aqua Penta Water Purifier in Pune Product Quality

Product Quality

We assure our potential customers about the quality of our water purifiers products. Our water purifiers are fully loaded with advanced technology and automatic filter system for pure and clean drinking water.

Aqua Penta Water Purifier for Home - Maintenance Service

Installation & Maintenance

Our proficient engineers and trained technicians are always available to help you for installing RO System in the correct ways. We are also dedicated for maintenance services and keep our valued customers happy and satisfied.

Aqua Penta Protector Customer Satisfaction

100% Customer Satisfaction

To provide high-tech Water Solutions and services to customers whilst making a considerable amount of contribution to society by constantly working towards a healthy nation.

Free Water Quality Test By Aqua Penta Filter Analyst

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Customer Review's

Akash Paul
Akash Paul@akashpaul
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It was a really good experience, Dipak (technician) was following all the precautions and was very professional in his work. Thanks.
Abhisekh Dave
Abhisekh Dave@Abhidave
Read More
Very good service. Reliable and honest person. Glad that RO Care India extended their services during such difficult times of COVID.
Sharda Tilak
Sharda Tilak@Talaksharda
Read More
This filter works well, is relatively easy to install, and is inexpensive. The installation guy was also quick to respond and install the device. Overall I recommend this to everyone who's looking for an affordable and good purifier.

Frquently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Discover the top provider for the best home water purifiers in Pune.

Life can’t exist without water—it’s just one of those essential things. Water is like the key ingredient for life.
We depend on water for cleaning, bathing, washing, and various household necessities. However, it’s important to note that the water in Pune contains high levels of lead, chlorine, fluoride, and excess salts, which could potentially impact the health of your family.

So, to make sure everyone at home stays safe, it’s crucial to have a water purifier. Aquapenta filter is here to offer you top-notch RO and UF purifiers designed for both municipal and borewell water, and they even deliver promptly in Pune. The best-suited water purifier not only ensures optimal performance but also consumes minimal power consumption. for maximum efficiency.

If you’re in Pune and searching for the best water purifier, look no further than Aquapentafilter. To purchase a new water purifier in Pune, just fill out a form with your specific requirements. We proudly stand as one of the top water purifier suppliers in Pune, and you can easily get in touch with us. Call us to get the exact water purifier price in Pune and find a reliable water purifier supplier near your location. For the best water filter price and prompt delivery, consider Aquapentafilter’s RO service center in Pune. Once you have a good understanding of water purifier prices in Pune, you can evaluate your budget and select the one that best fits your needs.

Reach out to Aqua Penta  Filter for the finest water purifier in Pune.

Regardless of the source of your water, it’s vital to ensure its quality. The purity of water plays a significant role in selecting the right water filter. Reach out to one of the water purifier dealers in Pune, inquire about the water filter prices, and explore the available options. Various water filters utilizing different technologies are accessible in the market. It’s crucial to choose a water purification system that aligns with the source of your drinking water in Pune. If you prefer, you can even consider renting a water purifier in Pune to efficiently manage your water bills.

Understanding the exact quality of water is crucial for determining the type of water purifier you need. At Aquapentafilter, we strive to ensure a smooth online buying experience. Alongside numerous benefits, we provide exclusive offers on the best water purifiers in Pune. Additionally, if you encounter any issues with your device, our customer support is here to assist you. While the cost of RO water purifiers in Pune varies based on brand and technology, we make an effort to present a comprehensive selection of home water filters. Ultimately, Aquapentafilter is dedicated to turning each customer’s water purifier dream into reality. For those on a tight budget, we also offer the option of renting a water purifier in Pune.

Discovering the perfect water purifier for your needs in Pune is crucial. Look for one with minimal service requirements, low water wastage, and an effective filter to eliminate all suspended impurities. Seek expert advice to find the best option within your budget. Don’t hesitate – ensure your choice aligns perfectly with your requirements

Choosing the right water purifier for your home in Pune is as easy as understanding your water quality and source. Consider getting a water quality test to identify impurities and measure hardness. Knowing the pollutants in your tap water in Pune will guide you in selecting the perfect water purifier for a healthier, cleaner supply.”

Getting to Know TDS and Its Importance in Drinking Water

Water stands as the most vital resource for our generation and the ones to come. The well-being of our waters is the primary indicator of how we coexist with the land.”

The bottled water we drink today might not be as pure as we hope. Loaded with impurities, contaminants, and chemicals, a plain glass of water can be risky if not adequately purified. To genuinely understand water and its elements, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of TDS.”

What is TDS in Water?

What exactly is TDS in water? TDS, or Total Dissolved Solids, measures the overall concentration of dissolved substances in your drinking water. These include inorganic salts and a bit of organic matter. Inorganic salts consist of positively charged cations like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, along with negatively charged anions such as carbonates, nitrates, bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates. The TDS level essentially tells you how much of these dissolved solids are in the water.”

Why is TDS of Drinking Water Importance?

“TDS in our drinking water comes from various sources, including natural springs, sewage, urban run-offs, industrial wastewater, and the use of chemicals in the water treatment process, along with fertilizers from gardens and farms. As water is a universal solvent, it effortlessly absorbs and dissolves impurities. While elevated TDS levels aren’t a health hazard, they can give water a bitter, salty, or brackish taste. Common TDS minerals like calcium and magnesium may also contribute to water hardness, scale formation

“Understanding TDS Levels: What Do They Mean for You?

The TDS levels serve as a crucial indicator of the suitability of drinking water. It signals whether the water is safe for consumption, needs filtration, or is heavily contaminated. The measurement, expressed in parts per million (PPM), provides valuable insights into the overall quality of the water you consume.”

TDS Level Chart for Drinking Water

TDS in Water (measured in PPM) Suitability for Drinking Water
Between 50-150 Excellent for drinking                                                                          ———————————————————————–
250-300 Fair
300-500 Poor, not good for drinking
Above 1000 Unacceptable
“Why is it important to measure TDS levels?”

“Elevated TDS levels in your water can pose health concerns, emphasizing the importance of water purity. Aquapentafilter addresses this by offering safe drinking water with an impressively low TDS level of around 150 ppm. Natural mineral water, typically odorless and tasteless, becomes unsuitable for consumption with any change in TDS levels. Measuring TDS is crucial for ensuring a pleasant taste, avoiding health risks, and preserving the flavor of your cooked food.”

Measuring TDS levels is essential because it provides valuable insights into the quality of water. It helps identify whether the water is within acceptable standards for taste and safety. Elevated TDS levels can impact the flavor and overall suitability of water for consumption. Regular measurement ensures that your water is not only safe but also meets your preferences for a clean, refreshing taste. It’s a simple yet effective way to maintain the quality of the water you use in your daily life.

“How do TDS Levels Affect Health and Taste?

Elevated TDS levels result from high concentrations of potassium, chloride, sodium, and potentially harmful ions. This not only makes the water unpleasant to drink, with a salty, metallic, or bitter taste, but it can also affect the smell.

While TDS doesn’t specifically measure a single contaminant, it’s generally not viewed as a direct health concern by many government agencies. Nevertheless, a high TDS level can alter the taste and odor of water.

To measure TDS levels, a TDS meter is used. It’s important to note that this test gauges the total dissolved solids in water but doesn’t pinpoint specific compounds or sources. Additional tests are required to identify contaminants accurately.

Whether a particular TDS level is beneficial or harmful to the body depends on the types of salts and compounds present. TDS comprises various salts, minerals, and organic compounds like Calcium, Chlorides, Sulfates, Magnesium, Potassium, Carbonates, and Bicarbonates. While some may contribute minerals, most are considered harmful and should be filtered out before consumption.”

“How to Lower Water TDS:

Reverse Osmosis (RO): TDS reduction is achieved through Reverse Osmosis, where water is pushed through a membrane under pressure, allowing only particles smaller than 0.0001 microns to pass. Dissolved metals and salts, being larger, are left behind as only water passes through.

Distillation: Boiling water creates vapor, which is then condensed back into liquid on a cool surface. As dissolved salts can’t turn into vapor, they remain in the boiling water.

Deionization (DI): Water passes through positive and negative electrodes, causing positive ions to separate and move toward the negative electrode. This results in pure water without ions. Before this, a reverse osmosis unit removes non-ionic organic substances.

These methods are advanced, and if you don’t have an RO water filter at home, options are limited. Boiling water before consumption is a basic step to kill bacteria and viruses present.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best TDS level for drinking water?

Generally, the TDS level between 50-100 is considered as the most suitable and acceptable.

2. Is Low TDS level bad or harmful for health?

If the TDS level is about 500 to1200 PPM, it is unsafe and unfit for human consumption.

3. What TDS level Aquapentafilter maintains in water?

Aquapentafilter maintains a TDS level of 50 to 100 PPM, making it safe to drink.

What is the difference between TDS and hardness?

Hardness measures the presence of calcium and magnesium salts in forms like bicarbonates chlorides, chlorides, and sulfates, while TDS includes all minerals, not just calcium and magnesium

How can I test TDS of drinking water?

Different ways exist to test water TDS at home.
one of them method:

Digital TDS Meter

In conclusion:

It’s crucial to monitor the TDS level in Purifier water. No more worries about filtration and impurities when you can enjoy water purified by the reliable Aquapentafilter RO Purifier. The carefully maintained optimal TDS level in every Aquapentafilter RO Purifier guarantees your body gets the necessary dissolved organic and inorganic salts. The brand is dedicated to building trust and ensuring water purity. Thanks to the Aquapentafilter online water purifier delivery platform, safeguarding your health, safety, and immunity is just a click away.



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